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Cost: $5.00 for supplies

Art: Literacy of the Heart

Come explore artful ways to weave literacy into your programming.

Choose from three engaging, hands-on workshops to bring literacy to life!

Workshop Option 1:

Epic Portraits with Alana Chernecki, Education Consultant, Artful Teaching. Joyful Learning.

Learn to create oversized, epic keepsake portraits with your children and discover questions, prompts and language to use when exploring the art of the self-portrait. These high-impact pieces are ones your children and families will cherish forever.









Workshop Option 2:

Plasticine Paintings with Pat Furman, Director of Inspired By Wonder

Have you ever been fascinated by Barbara Reid’s plastisine technique? Plastiscine is one of our favorite mediums to use with all ages! In this workshop will explore how to use this sensorial medium in a variety of ways to support children’s learning and enhance literacy outcomes! From self-portraits to, Pete the Cat collage, to 3D representation, we will create art from using some of her techniques and discuss ways to incorporate these activities into your language arts curriculum.














Workshop Option 3:

Abstract Fabric Art with Michal Berenshteyn, ECE III and a current student at the Faculty of Education program at the University of Winnipeg.  

Abstract art can inspire our curiosity and imagination to create something completely unique in the world. This workshop aims to provide you with the tools needed to foster children’s creative and expressive minds through exposure to artworks from various times, places, and people using literature and hands-on experience. We will create art inspired by the Spanish artist Joan Miró and infuse various elements of art with the focus on textured media.


Manitoba Reggio Inspired Coalition of Educators​​


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